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Dogs and cats, like their progenitors, are carnivores. Their short digestive tracts and high acidic stomach juices are designed by nature to digest raw food.

Cooking meat at high temperatures destroys the essential nutrients, enzymes and amino acids that our pets’ need. Why reduce the nutritional benefits when you do not have to? Even though a properly researched and prepared home cooked diet is far superior to any commercial pet kibble, Fidelis Meats believe that our pets truly thrive only when fed raw.

Some of the benefits of raw feeding include:

  1. Smoother and shinier coats.
  2. Less doggy odor.
  3. Better oral hygiene. Cleaner teeth and fresher breath.
  4. Better energy levels.
  5. Reduction to elimination of allergies.
  6. Better weight control
  7. Increased longevity.
  8. Decreased stool amount. Less smelly stools.
  9. Reduced arthritis.
  10. Jaw, neck and shoulder exercise through feeding of Raw Meaty Bones.

All of us have the best intentions for our pets and most are led to believe that the bag of dry food that offers so much convenience is the best diet available in the market. But on closer scrutiny, many will be shocked by what actually goes into their dry kibble and the amount of processing it had gone through.

An example would be like chicken meal. Most pet owners would not know that dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals that are not fit for human consumption are allowed to be use in making the chicken meal that goes into making commercial dry kibble. Although the rendering process can get rid of the bacteria and viruses, will you still want to feed your best friend dry kibble after knowing this fact?

Feeding raw is the easiest way of knowing what you feed and how your pet is utilizing its food. Most new raw feeders would be pleasantly surprised by the sheer reduction in stool volume even when the actual amount being fed may be more. This is because there are no fillers in a raw diet so only true waste is passed out.

This is also the best indication of why your pet should be fed raw, just as nature intended.