Why Choose Fidelis Meats for Raw Dog Food in Singapore

Why Choose Fidelis Meats for Raw Dog Food in Singapore

Fidelis means “Faithful” in Latin.

Here is our story.

Pawee, our Scottie gal came into our life as a 10 week old bundle of fur in early 2013. She is the joy of our life.

Like all concerned pet parents, extensive research was done on what foods would contain the best of everything for her. We scrutinised all the 5 star reviews and had decided on which brand of dog food she would be eating before she could even come home with us.

She had this habit of licking her paws after every meal. I initially just brushed it off as a bad habit or that it may even be her way of relaxation after a meal. She was healthy but suffers from occasional hotspots. Multiple visits to different vets would always end up with the same medications of antibiotics and steroid creams. While the hotspots did clear after the applications, the issues will reappear again after we stopped the medications. Initially, we did not think much of it since it did not seem too serious. Until one night, where it became so bad that she chewed off all the hair from her legs to her chest till they were bloody. We knew something was not right.

When you have a furkid that is not sleeping well due to incessant scratching, it can be extremely tiring and stressful for everyone. She was a pitiful sight and your heart breaks when she looks clearly in distress.

A friend suggested that I consider switching to a raw dog food diet after we tried everything. In all honesty, I was not keen on the idea of feeding her raw and having to hug her after that. With all other alternatives exhausted, we gave it a try. The results were simply amazing!

By the 3rd day, her scratching reduced dramatically and after about 1 week, she was no longer scratching. Her paw licking even stopped altogether! We knew right then that it was definitely a food related issue.

A simple search for the best pet food online in Singapore would invariably lead to tons of 5 star reviews on all the different brands of kibbles in the market. You would never find anything related to raw pet food online in Singapore back then unless it is a targeted search.

A slew of scandals hit the pet food industry in the 2010s and it led to a greater awareness among concerned pet parents. Many realised that the bag of kibbles may not be what they claim to be. More pets than ever were experiencing all kinds of health issues that were not prevalent before kibbles became the norm.

As pet parents became more informed after searching for a better diet for their beloved, many experienced unbelievable results from switching to raw food. The raw feeding community worldwide began to grow exponentially. There was also a rapidly growing small group of raw feeding enthusiasts in Singapore at this time but almost all were DIYers due to a lack of choice. There was not a single locally made raw pet food supplier or any business to cater to their needs.

Fidelis Meats was initially conceived to be a butchery meant for humans. In fact, we were actually in the final stages of setting up the butchery with all our suppliers secured when Pawee’s skin issues came to a head.

Pawee’s skin issues at such an uncanny timing made us firmly believe that God has another plan for us. We made the decision to pivot into Singapore’s 1st dedicated butchery for pets that is 100% focused on raw pet food online with a physical store.

Back to the drawing board, many months of research, consultations, formulations, trials and license applications followed and in November 2014, Fidelis Meats finally came to fruition.