Raw Dog Food: Why Should You Feed Your Dog Raw Food?

Raw Dog Food: Why Should You Feed Your Dog Raw Food?

A raw food diet is beneficial for dogs and extremely healthy for them but many dog owners do not have much knowledge about raw feeding. Dogs are anatomically designed to consume raw food as well as digest animal flesh and bone — their ancestors also ate raw food.

Dogs are carnivores with short and highly acidic digestive tracts that allow them to easily digest raw food. The pH of a human's stomach is in the 4 to 5 range while carnivores can maintain a much more acidic pH of 1 to 2. This enables their digestive system to kill bacteria and parasites, as well as denature proteins, making the proteins much more bioavailable than they would to humans, hence raw meat becomes much easier to digest in a dog’s digestive system. This is why a raw dog food diet is actually good for their system.

If you’re new to raw feeding and wonder if you should start feeding your dogs s a raw diet, here are the 5 benefits of a raw dog food diet.

1. Provides Better Nutrition & Energy

Raw meat retains all of the nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, and thousands more bioactive factors that your dog needs to grow and function properly, keeping them healthy and energetic throughout the day, but processed dog food and meat cooked at high temperatures lose their nutritional value, which can only satisfy your dog’s hunger and not their bodily needs.

Additionally, a raw dog food diet is much easier for your dogs to digest, allowing them to expend less energy digesting food and more energy running around having fun. It is said that kibbles take 7 to 9 hours to digest, whereas raw meat only takes 1 to 2 hours.

2. Improves Condition of Skin & Coat

The skin and coat of your dog are important to their overall health, much like how the human skin is the largest organ protecting us from external pollutants. Your dog’s skin and coat keep it cool in the hot Singapore weather and repel dirt from its body. The condition of your dog’s skin is also an indication of its overall health.

Your dog’s skin and coat can be affected by a lack of nutrients and poor digestion, which is caused by disrupted cell cycles. This can cause them to suffer from dry skin, excessive shedding, itchiness, and inflammation. Studies have also shown that up to 27% of dogs have Canine Atopid Dermatitis, a genetic hypersensitivity to environmental elements that causes several skin and coat related issues. These problems cannot be eradicated with topical solutions.

A raw dog food diet, however, provides some of the most natural sources of the essential nutrients that your dog needs to protect and strengthen their skin, which is also the largest organ of their body — omega fatty-acids help reduce and prevent inflammation, amino acids support protein function of skin cells, and enzymes aid in cell regeneration. Raw dog food also supplements the moisture that your dog needs for natural oil production in their skin. It also aids in the improvement of digestion and bowel movement, as well as improving the condition of their skin and coat.

3. Improves Dental Health

A Dog Smiling While Looking At Raw Dog Food

Dogs' saliva do not contain enzyme amylase, a substance that breaks down starch. This allows bacteria in their mouth to feed on the sugars and carbohydrates, resulting in rapid tartar and plaque buildup. This explains why dogs that consume kibbles have more dental issues than those who are fed raw diets.

The raw meats in a raw dog food diet act as a natural toothbrush when your dog is eating. Raw dog foods are rich sources of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and protein, as well as good bacteria that can help prevent plaque and tartar buildup. They also contain a high concentration of enzymes, which provide excellent dental benefits, fighting bacteria in your dog’s mouth, preventing bad breath, inflammation, and other serious dental health problems. Chewing raw bones can also help to strengthen their jaw and remove bacteria from difficult-to-reach molars.

4. Renal Function

Water is essential for normal human functions and the same holds true for dogs. The high moisture content in a raw dog food diet aids the kidneys in flushing out toxins, reducing unnecessary strain on the kidneys, and preventing possible kidney problems in your dog.

A moisture-rich diet, such as the raw dog food diet, will also encourage more frequent and healthy urination, which will flush out bacteria.

Dry diets and kibbles are dehydrating and can impair digestion. Despite being high in moisture, canned diets lack the nutrients that can be found in raw, unprocessed foods.

5. Improves Bowel Movement

Raw food is a natural food item and a healthy option for dogs. Compared to processed dog foods such as kibbles and other canned dog food, raw dog foods go through minimal processing and are low in carbohydrates and sugar. Raw meat also encourages more enzyme secretions, making it easier to digest. Your dog’s digestive tract then absorbs as much as it can from raw meats and expels only the bare minimum, resulting in easier bowel movement and smaller, less smelly faecal matter.

If your dog suffers from constipation, a raw dog food diet may help to improve its bowel movement. On top of that, dogs stay fuller for longer on a raw dog food diet, produce less faecal matter, and poop less frequently.

Contrary to popular belief, feeding your dogs raw dog food is proven to be healthier than feeding them highly processed canned dog foods and kibbles. If you want your dogs to live a long and good life by your side, consider switching to a raw dog food diet to keep them healthy.

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