Introducing Your Cat To A Raw Cat Food Diet: Is It Safe?

Introducing Your Cat To A Raw Cat Food Diet: Is It Safe?

A raw diet for dogs has been proven to be healthy for them, and the same applies to cats. Cats are biologically designed to digest raw meat. They are obligate carnivores, which means they depend only on meat for survival. Additionally, their digestive systems don’t produce the necessary enzymes to digest carbohydrates that are found in many cat kibbles. Hence, a raw diet should be the primary consideration to help your cats receive the nutrients they need every day.

Feeding your cats a raw cat food diet can help them with weight management and provide them with energy that processed foods cannot. Find out more about how a raw cat food diet can help your cats lead a healthy and happy life.

1. Provides Hydration

Cat Drinking Water after eating a Cat Food

Unlike kibbles which are almost devoid of moisture to prevent spoilage, the water content of a fresh raw cat food can be as much as 75%. Raw cat food is fresher and contains higher moisture content compared to dried or processed foods. Kibbles are so dry that they only provide 6% to 10% of the moisture that your cat needs in its diet. Feeding them raw food helps to replenish their bodies with the water content they need for proper bodily functions, such as kidney function, which plays a vital role in removing waste products from the bloodstream.

2. Protects Against Allergies

Canned food and dried food may contain high amounts of ingredients that can cause allergies. These ingredients include artificial colouring, corn products, dairy products, meat byproducts and preservatives, which are all unhealthy for your cat. These additives and fillers can cause allergic reactions that include sneezing, increased scratching, ear concerns, swollen paws, and more.

Raw cat food diets, on the other hand, are made up of fresh meat products that undergo little to no processing and contain zero additives, preservatives and fillers, they also contain natural oils to support your cat’s healthy skin and coat. They will most likely not cause any form of allergy in your cats.

3. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Raw meat diets contain natural enzymes absent in commercial diets, they are highly digestible and cats typically absorb all the nutrients that it is eating when fed a raw diet. Due to the absence of artificial ingredients, as well as the high moisture content, raw cat food diets are easier and gentler on your cat’s digestive system, which aids in improving digestion. It can even be helpful for some cats with stomach problems. When your cat uses up less energy for digestion, they can use that energy for fun activities instead.

4. Better Dental Hygiene

Dried and processed cat food, especially kibbles, contain starch that will stick to your cat’s teeth. This will lead to bacterial growth, bad breath, sore gums and plaque build-up, which can be extremely uncomfortable for your cat. A study has shown that almost 70% of cats will exhibit some form of gum disease by the time they turn two.

Raw cat food does not contain starches and processed fat. They can also be easily broken down by saliva so it does not stick to your cat’s teeth, causing dental health issues.

5. Stronger Immune System

Happy Cat after Eating a Cat Food

Raw meats contain tons of nutrients that can be destroyed when cooked or processed. These nutrients are essential for your cat’s overall health and should not be missing from your cat’s diet. Feeding them raw meat will provide them with ample amounts of nutrients they need, improving their immune system. Raw meats also allow your cats to absorb more nutrients like fatty acids and proteins than commercial diets like canned food and kibbles, which helps to keep them healthy.

Cats have shorter and more acidic digestive tracts that can digest raw food without issues so you don’t have to worry about them becoming sick due to raw meats. If you are planning to introduce raw cat food to your cats, start by replacing a small portion of their current food with raw meats and gradually increase the amount over 10 to 14 days to get them used to it.

However, if your cat has a sensitive or weak digestive system, do check with your veterinarian before switching them to a raw cat food diet.

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